NEW - Chief Compliance Officer Executive Roundtable* | 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Registration opens at 8:00 a.m.)

Melanie S. Cibik
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
Ashley Watson
Chief Compliance Officer
Joseph Azam
Senior Vice President, Legal & Group Chief Compliance Officer
News Corp
Norman M. Brothers, Jr.
Jr., Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Carl Hahn
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
Northrop Grumman
Jay Jorgensen
Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Walmart Stores, Inc.
Michael D. Hopkins
Chief Compliance Officer
Suzanne Rich Folsom
General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Senior Vice President - Government Affairs
United States Steel Corporation

Registration Opens

Opening Remarks and Introductions

Evolving the CCO Role in Response to New Business Realities: Emerging Economic, Geopolitical and Legal Trends Affecting the Compliance Function, CCO Independence, and Global Business

At this opening session, faculty members will discuss how they have been approaching the CCO role in the face of developments in the U.S. and globally, and in response to internal corporate and industry pressures.

Demonstrating Your Value to C-Suite Management and the Board: How to Quantify the Value of the In-House Compliance Function and Shift the “Cost-Center” Mentality

  • Best practices for becoming a strategic and valued part of a company
  • Utilizing metrics to demonstrate your value
  • Restructuring your compliance department for maximum value: Shifting the “cost center” paradigm

Networking Break

View from the General Counsel’s Office: GCs Discuss Their Visions and Expectations for the CCO Role

  • The changing perception of the CCO role
  • What GCs are specifically looking for from the Chief Compliance Officer
  • How to better leverage the in-house compliance function toward heightening competitiveness and minimizing risk

Paper vs. Practice - How to Know if Policies and Procedures are Truly Being Implemented across Your Corporate and Field Operations, and Supporting Your Overall Strategy

Faculty and audience members will discuss how they have successfully implemented and monitored core components of an effective global compliance program: Topics will include:

  • Employee training and accountability
  • Screening
  • Reporting structure
  • Due Diligence and Monitoring
  • Embedding regulatory requirements into your processes and procedures

Networking luncheon

Cyber Security and Data Privacy: Interfacing with Corporate and IT to Address Newfound Security Risks

Today’s CCOs are often expected to play an active role in implementing a comprehensive cyber security strategy. Hear real-life examples of how companies have successfully dovetailed the compliance, legal, IT and business functions to minimize cyber risks.

Cross-Departmental Synergy and Effectiveness: How C-Level, General Counsel, Audit and HR Executives are Aligning Their Functions to Strengthen Ethics and Compliance at All Levels

Faculty members will impart anecdotal insights on how they interface with their colleagues in an increasingly challenging compliance environment.

Networking Break

The CCO as a “Crystal Ball”- How to Pinpoint the Newest, Emerging Risk Factors for Your Organization: The Latest Approaches to Effective Global Risk Assessments

  • How risk is being addressed by CCOs
  • Assessing and weighting risk factors
  • Updating risk management practices as the global economic, legal and compliance landscapes evolve

How Confident to Be In Your Compliance Decision-Making, Supply Chain Management, and Internal Controls: How to Work Through High Stakes, Sensitive and Complex Issues

  • When your “gut” leads you to doubt what’s on paper
  • Making unpopular decisions: How confident do you need to be before moving forward?
  • Justifying your decision to upper management

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Emerging Markets: A Candid Discussion on The Real-Life Obstacles to Compliance on the Ground

  • Cultural backdrop affecting your business operations
  • Challenges to identifying local advisors and third parties to support your business efforts
  • Conducting due diligence on third parties that do not have robust or well-documented policies, procedures or internal controls
  • When to cease doing business on account of risk

Roundtable Concludes

*Attendance is exclusively for qualified applicants who hold the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) title at their respective organizations (or who hold similar senior-level titles with the same level and scope of job responsibilities). In order to ensure a smaller-group setting, attendance at the CCO Executive Roundtable will be limited. Toward ensuring a diverse benchmarking and networking experience, only one participant per company/financial institution may attend the program.